Project Update

On September 20, 2022 our Town Council approved the temporary zoning amendment for the project. 

Following Council's approval there is a 21 day appeal period that had to be extended an additional 21 days due to a misprint in the town's communication. On the last day of the appeal period we were notified by the town that the project was appealed and that it would now have to go through the Land Tribunal. 

While this was disappointing news we were encouraged to hear that because Bill 23 was voted through this meant that we would no longer be expected to pay the $209,000 in development charges! If the project had not been appealed and we had moved forward with signing the Site Plan Agreement we may have missed out on the relief this Bill is providing. 

We are doing all we can to see the process move forward however, we do not want to rush through any part of this project. As a pilot project, one of our goals is to learn as much as we can through every step in order to be better equipped to assist other communities in the future. If our project was not appealed and a future project is we would be of little help to that community. Our hope is to gain as much knowledge and insight into the process as possible. 

Our Ontario Land Tribunal Hearing took place n April 13, 2023 and in July, 2023 we were informed that we won our case. 

While we were waiting on the OLT decision the town planner who had been working on our project took a new position in a different municipality. The new planner assigned to our project needed to acquaint themselves with the details of our project and the site plan agreement. It took until October for the site plan to be prepared to be signed. This ate away the best months for trenching and putting in infrastructure. 

In June, 2023 WOW Living also began working on it's largest fundraising campaign to date for the renovation costs & new rent increase for our new location at 177 Church Street. This project needed to take priority over the Truly Affordable Housing Project. Our hope is to finish that project by April 2024. Upon the completion of the renovation of our new location we will re-evaluate the Truly Affordable Housing Project and decide what our next steps will be. 

We would value your prayers for God's perfect timing every step of the way and will do our best to keep you updated.