Out of the Cold Cafe

providing people living in poverty with the tools and resources they need to

strengthen stability and increase resiliency.

$150,000 in 150 Days UPDATE

January 2, 2024!

The town of Bradford's renovation timeline on 177 Church Street took longer than expected. They were granted their occupancy permit on Thursday December 14, 2023. This has extended our fundraising timeline and we have now seen $119,000 donated over toward our renovation costs over the past 198 days

We are waiting for our building permit to be issued to begin work and our hope is to complete the work on our units as soon as possible. 

$15,000 in 150 Days Fundraising UPDATE

November 15, 2023


The Out Of The Cold Cafe Is Moving!  

And we need to raise $150,000 for renovation

June 15, 2023


Out of the Cold Cafe Community

The Out of the Cold Cafe provides a safe community where positive relationships are built. The people who make up the community are: 

1. Family - TEAM members who have shown a sincere desire to support the work of WOW Living and have participated in our volunteer training process. As a part of the 'family' the expectation is that we shoulder the work of running the 'house' (facility) together. Our first priority as a family is to show extravagant hospitality to our guests. 

2. Friends - Guests who have spent consistent time in our 'house' (facility) and have expressed an interest in being more involved in the work of WOW Living. Overtime they have built up 'trust equity' with our TEAM and have been invited to participate in helping out with chores around the 'house' (facility) or planning special events. 

3. Guests - Individuals who come to our 'house' (facility) and are shown extravagant hospitality by our Family. There are no expectations for guests to contribute to the 'house'. People can choose to only ever remain guests and benefit from the safe and welcoming community our family and friends provide.