Trailer Pilot Project

Following the fire at 114 Holland St. on March 22, 2021 some of the displaced tenants said they would live in trailers temporarily. That lead to WOW Living partnering with Bradford Community Church to provide temporary shelter in seasonal trailers.

In May, some of the men living at the Guest House suggested the idea of winterizing a park model trailer into a four season, one bedroom unit. 

With a grant from Magna we were able to begin working on our first trailer as a pilot project.

Watch this video to see the progress that is being made!

Support the Work

Our heart is to invest every minute and dollar donated intentionally into the lives of the people we're serving. 

This may include covering a few nights at a hotel for a homeless friend, putting gas in someone's car to get them to a shelter, driving a friend to an appointment, helping one of our friends move, fill out forms, navigate the welfare system or buying them a cup of coffee, groceries or a meal. Financial donations may also go toward the cost of training, operating costs associated with the Out of the Cold Cafe, the Guest House and other affordable housing initiatives. We are committed to using every dollar and every minute intentionaly. 

Financial Donations

WOW Living is currently in the process of applying for charitable status. 

When the process is complete we will be able to provide you with a charitable tax receipt. 

In the mean time, your donations are just as valued and needed.