Thousands of people followed Jesus, hundreds believed in Him, but only a handful truly knew and loved Him. Listening to their stories can open our eyes to see Jesus in a new way. 

My heart is to share their stories in a way that helps us know and understand the heart of our Jesus. I've been blessed to share monologues as dozens of Bible character but here are a few the Lord has used most powerfully. 

1) Mary Did You Know? 

     Mary the mother of Jesus Perspective

No one else on the planet knew Jesus as their baby boy. No one else carried the Son of God in their womb and gave birth to Him. Listen as Mary shares, from a mother's perspective, about her first born Son. She'll share about what it was like to raise five boys an daughters together with the love of her life, Joseph. You'll hear about the pain she experienced the day her husband died and how her heart swelled with pride as she watched her oldest son, Jesus, step into the role of 'the man of the house'. You'll better understand the utter confusion and gut wrenching agony she felt seeing her son, the promised future king of Israel, hang on a cross and cry out the words, "It is finished." She said to Gabriel at the beginning, "Behold I am the servant of the LORD, let it be to me according to your word." but could she say it to the end?

2) My Jesus

     John's Perspective.  

John, the self proclaimed 'Beloved disciple'. No one else was closer to Jesus as a friend. He was with Him on the mountain and saw Him in His glory, and he was with Him in the garden and heard Him in His agony. This 'son of thunder' focused his passion on knowing and loving Jesus and was looking forward to serving at His side in His kingdom. But instead of standing beside His throne, he stood beneath His cross. Instead of helping to care for Jesus' kingdom, he's asked to care for Jesus' mother. Listen to John's heart pound as he tells the story of his Jesus as a friend that stuck closer than a brother.

3) From The Cradle To The Cross 

     Gabriel's Perspective

Listen as this arch angel and messenger of God shares from a heavenly perspective the story of redemption. Hear him share about the battle tht began in heaven and continues here on earth. He'll shre his struggle to understand the love of God for us as humans, and His plan to die in our place. With unveiled eyes, the angel will share what the battle around the cross looked like, and how every angel in heaven stood with sword drawn waiting for the Father to give the word to rescue the Son. He'll share how only one of them was sent to strengthen Jesus to fight; to fight against temptation, not death. From heaven's perspective you'll hear how the angels rejoiced when Jesus said, "It is finished" while His family, friends and followers wept. Gabriel will encourage us to pray that the eyes of our hearts might be opened to see as God sees in our darkest and hardest moments. 

4) The Stumbling Stone

     Peter's Perspective

Simon professes that Jesus is 'the Christ, the Son of the living God', and Jesus calls him Peter; 'a small stone'. Listen to Peter share his story of coming to understand that God is the Rock and he is not. Hear him share his story of sinking faith and failure before he truly grasps the unshakable love and grace of his God. He'll share honestly about the pride in his heart and desire to be seen and his struggle with performing. You'll hear how Jesus' questions cut him to the heart; "Why did you doubt?", "Couldn't you stay awake with me for one hour?", "Do you love Me?" In brokenness you'll hear Peter share what it was like to deny Jesus, then turn and lock eyes with Him. And you'll hear what he felt anticipating looking into those same eyes after the resurrection. Peter's is a story of failure and forgiveness, grace and growth.

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