Due to time constraints from the Town in their building of our new location, A Hand Up Clothing Room will be closed until we are able to re-open in our new space at 177 Church St.

If you have an urgent need please visit the Out of the Cold Cafe in our temporary location at 177 Church St (north side).

We are NOT accepting donations at this time, our community has prepared us with lots of winter emergency clothing so we cannot handle more donations until we re-open.

In the meantime we encourage you to donate at the Resource Thrift Store in Town who donate financially to A Hand Up and are one of our Key Holders.

A Hand Up Clothing Room

A Hand Up clothing room offers people in need of clothing a place to shop with dignity at no cost. 

Our future location will be at 177 Church Street beside the Out of the Cold Cafe on the south wing.

We are thankful to our donors for the quality garments they supply us with that allow us to supplement the clothing needs of many people in our community.  We serve 700 families in the South Simcoe region each year.

We offer clothing to men, women, youth, children and infants. There is something for everyone. 

Currently Closed

Regular Hours:

Monday 1-3pm

Wednesday 1-3pm

Fridays 6-8pm


As we prepare to move to our new location we are no longer accepting donations as we cannot manage them and the move at the same time.  

We apologize for the inconvenience, as soon as we are renovated and able to begin donations again we will let you know.

In the mean time you can take donations to the Resource Thrift Store on Holland Street who are one of our financial supporters for the Clothing Room.

For Future when we re-open:

If you are interested in donating clothing, please be sure that the articles are washed and gently used before dropping them off.  

We do NOT accept toys, books or household items, we are not equipped for those, clothes, shoes and bedding only.  

(Please see the Resource Thrift store, or other thrift stores for those donations)

Mondays 1-3pm, Wednesdays 1-3pm or Fridays 6-8  

One of our volunteers will be outside and can receive the clothes from you

and bring them inside without you needing to enter the facility.

**Please do not leave bags of clothing outside the doors if the building is closed, they end up being ruined.


Thank you for your help with this.**