Truly 'Affordable' Housing Project

The idea: 

Convert park model trailers into fully winterized micro homes to be used as garden suites for people living below the poverty line (Individual $26,426 or couple $32,898).  

Individual - $500/month

couple - $800/month

Our first micro home is finished and has weathered it's first Bradford winter very well.

Bradford Community Church offered the use of a parcel of their land to be home to our first 6 micro homes.

Once we knew the prototype worked we started the rezoning process with the planning department and we are on track to secure the zoning required by July, 2022. This is an innovative affordable housing solution that has the potential of being duplicated in other communities. As a precedent setting initiative we have had to be patient in the process however, our municipal leaders have committed that by the end of 2022 'Bradford West Gwillimbury will have a reputation as an innovative community in terms of housing.'

We have stepped out in faith and scheduled the well drillers and trenchers for mid July, 2022.

Our goal is to raise $119,000 to complete the infrastructure by the end of August, 2022.

Well - $40,000

Water Treatment - $10,000                     

Hydro - $25,000     

Septic - $10,000     

Landscaping & Pads - $8,000                           

Water Treatment building - $10,000                                    

  Pavilion - $16,000         



If you are interested in supporting this project please email us at or call 416-697-5634 to schedule a tour.

Support the Work

WOW Living is a registered charity with CRA

charitable registration number 764443347RR0001

Our heart is to invest every minute and dollar donated intentionally into the lives of the people we're serving. 

This may include covering a few nights at a hotel for a homeless friend, putting gas in someone's car to get them to a shelter, driving a friend to an appointment, helping one of our friends move, fill out forms, navigate the welfare system or buying them a cup of coffee, groceries or a meal. Financial donations may also go toward the cost of training, operating costs associated with the Out of the Cold Cafe, the Guest House and other affordable housing initiatives. We are committed to using every dollar and every minute intentionally. 

Financial Donations

WOW Living is a registered charity with CRA

charitable registration number 764443347RR0001