• Gail

  • Ashika

  • june

    Fun Fact:

    I grew up on Prince Edward Island (PEI) and consider myself an islander at heart :) 

  • jacquie

    Fun Fact: 

    I've lived in Bradford since 2013 and have 1 son who was born in 2014

  • Doreen

  • patti

    I make charcuterie boards... and I know how to spell that because I'm also a certified high school english teacher ;)

  • jodi

    I LOVE Christmas and my favourite holiday movie is Home Alone

  • Christianne

  • Kelly

  • erin

    Fun Fact: I have sky dived twice and have 3 daughters.

  • Kim

    Fun Facts: I am a big sports fan! My favourite teams are the the Toronto Raptors and Boston Bruins (my dog Tuukka is even named after the Bruins goalie)

  • Katie

    Fun Fact: I love Disney and introducing my two nieces to all the movies

  • Derek

    Fun Fact: 

  • Miguel

  • Rosi

  • Vicki

  • Ben

  • Laurie Ann

  • Anne

  • Nina

  • Nora

  • Triin

  • ryan

  • kaitlyn

  • carol

  • brie

  • Holly