Jodi Greenstreet

Hi Friends! Here's a little bit about how Jesus has wired me for life and ministry.   

     My personal mission statement is: 'to listen, learn and love with the heart and mind of Christ and teach others to do the same.

     I graduated from Emmaus Bible College with a BA in Biblical Studies and an emphasis in youth ministry. Shortly after moving back home to Canada, I co-founded CrossTrainers Canada with one of my best friends (Patti LaRose) in 2001 at the age of 22 (what was Jesus thinking?!) I currently serve as CrossTrainers' Executive Director and live in Bradford Ontario. 

    CrossTrainer's mission statement is close to my heart; 'Training people to live, love and lead for the glory of God.' Some of my favourite things include walking or hiking with Jesus and other close friends, campfires and sunsets. You'll often find me drinking a warm beverage and laughing with friends or treasure hunting at thrift stores. I enjoy driving our mini van and singing my favourite worship or country music loud and off key. Although my hair is most often up and I throw like a boy, my love for deep friendships and sensitive heart are unmistakenly that of a woman. 

      Above all, my passion is Jesus. He is my everything. The most powerful tool He has used to teach me more about His heart, is His Word. I believe the Word of God is the sword of the Spirit and is most effective when He wields it. My prayer is that the Spirit would use my life and voice, to speak His message, His way.


God has called me to teach His Word and there's nothing that I love more! If there is an opportunity to partner with you in doing this, let's pray about it together and see if it lines up with God's plans. 

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