The Need

When COVID hit our community in March 2020 the need for emergency shelter and housing increased dramatically. With shelters moving to hotel motels and intakes being put on hold people had no where to go. 

The town of Bradford offered to lease WOW Living a house for $2/year to offer some assistance to our local homeless community. The town had purchased the home with future development in mind but it was sitting empty. It needed some significant work so when we were given the keys on September 15, 2020 we shared the opportunity on social media and our Bradford Community as well as some other private supporters stepped up to do all the work on the house and furnish it for under $3,000! 

Just over one month later, our first tenants moved in on October 20, 2020. Since then, 8 men have lived at the home from anywhere from 1 week to 7 months. We are able to offer them affordable housing that is geared to their income. 

The +

The heart behind The Guest House is to provide more than temporary affordable housing. Understanding that people in poverty are under-resourced we want to help equip them with more resources. 

We have had men come who no ID and worked with them to get their birth certificate, which is a gate way to getting other government photo ID. We've assisted people looking for employment or in need of a family doctor. 

It is also a gift to be able to refer them to The Out Of The Cold Cafe which is literally just up the street. The Cafe is open 7 days a week and provides breakfast, lunch and dinner. More than that, the Cafe also offers community as well as TEAM members who are able to help advocate for any guest who walks through the door to assist them in finding the help they need.