Poverty in Bradford

During the pandemic Jodi had the privilege of working with local homeless and under-resourced people. After spending hours listening to their stories she began to understand some of the challenges they face. Six of these friends stepped up to share their stories in an effort to help others understand. This video is a montage of our interviews with them. Video

As a result of this video the town of Bradford has agreed to lease a home to WOW Living to help provide affordable housing for men in need. Here's a video of the house before... Video ... Stay tuned for an after video coming soon!

The +

The heart behind The Guest House is to provide more than temporary affordable housing. 

Understanding that people in poverty are under-resourced we want to help equip them with more resources. Men who live at The Guest House will be trained in Bridges out of Poverty and will participate in the Getting Ahead program. Aidan and George, as our first residents, are also a part of our core team for the Out of the Cold Cafe. Aidan has poured hours into getting The Guest House ready and has contributed many solid ideas in the creation process of the cafe vision. These men have a wealth of life experience that is invaluable and they are focused on using it to serve and walk alongside others in similar situations as they once were. 

We have just finished some renovations and are currently in need of furniture items. Please click here if you have items to donate or here if you would like to donate financially.